Thursday, April 7, 2011


When people tell me how they switch their major every other day, almost, I always thought they were crazy and how much it probably sucks to not know what they want to do...but lately I find myself doing the same thing. As for this semester I am majoring in Sociology, which I love. I find that my brain completely functions like a sociologist and I just understand the material. Yet so many people discourage me about it because they all tell me "all you're ever going to get with that degree is teaching". I would love to be the exception to the rule, but I just don't know. My dream major is nutritional science, or whatever it is called but I HATE natural sciences and math, only because I don't get much as I try, it is not for me. So I find myself stuck, because something I love is holding me back by the lame things you have to pass (which honestly, I'll tell you, I don't have enough dedication by the lifestyle I live)

What do I do!

I'm so lost.

Photography is something I have a natural talent for and would consider myself good at it...but since I've already been doing it for over 3 years now, and have a huge portfolio, I don't feel it's necessary to get a degree in it. Some tell me I'm wrong, but why get a degree in something that I already can do. I'd rather get a degree for something a little more practical and have more options to be successful.

Psychology, no. Anthropology, I like...but no. Nursing or being a doctor, noooo. Fashion, business, engineering, no no no. I feel like enviornmental-ish majors are going to be in great need for eventually by the time I graduate.

All I want in life is to be in love, with my career, the person I marry, the places I travel too, and the people I meet, help and learn from. Honestly, I don't even care to be making a ton of money, it's not for me...I just want a really crazy cool career(s).

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