Thursday, February 24, 2011


weight loss commericials are ridiculous, especially because they all start with "this is not your average commericial!" I WOULD be a nutritionist, because it's one of my passions but I am not good at math and I hate natural sciences

as for food, smc has the best, most flavorful and healthy food EVER. so many different kinds of cooked vegetables and organic pastas. I hate the word food, though -_-

It's really weird how songs remind me of past events. "hold yuh" by gyptian reminds me of the one the favorite nights of my life in the summer with megan christian and kevin.

my sociology teacher refers to this world as a "global village", I love that.

also smc has the most diverse population, everyone I meet is not usually from the area, this semester inparticular I've been countless swedish students

I like driving with the windows, down or cracked open a little when I'm on the free way just because I like to get a feel for how the weather is outside

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