Monday, February 21, 2011


whoever comes are the right people
whatever happens is all that could have
whenever it starts is the right time
when it's over, it's over
(to me, I love this quote up until line 4...and it gets negative and leaves me feeling unfinished. I was going to re post this, just take out the last line...but I wanted to remember it in a sense. I'm not right or wrong, it's just how I feel. Most people like underlying meanings within saying and quotes but I don't ever want to leave something feeling in heavy boots, I want to feel crisp and accomplished. Always.)

trip; fall, vacation, overreact
so many meanings for so
many different things
tonight was a trip

my thought in the morning;
palm trees and how they are beautiful, but I'm always thrown off when they are not where they belong, such as my front and backyard. I also thought about why people want to deteriorate there bodies with food, substances, cigarette smoke, etc...I feel that this is our body, pretty much all we really have. we should treat it the best we can.
my thought in the evening;
my mind wires around sociology ,it's insane. tonight, in my mind was different labor traditions, work places and the people working there which all stemmed around the Asian family working and most liking owning the Denny's in Hollywood (harvest multi grain blueberry pancakes, not bad)...anyways, I feel and I could be totally wrong but I feel that they took a really big franchise in California, studied it and how Americans love it and decided to own there own franchise and make smart, smart thing to do.

good song in ATT store, observation, health, interest, realities. way too, adjective. state of mind. I like the good, nice and innocent. airplanes, airports. so much happened today; thoughts, activities. work was frustrating, actually...but I had a thrilling night, almost.

everything is meant to be.

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