Sunday, February 20, 2011


sitting here in my room after I just got off of work, in warm socks and a sweatshirt feeling more than tired. working at skateland, is fun and all but it's taking up my weekends and it's so much work for little makes me appriciate working at Rosies a lot more although I am surrounded by youth and it is amusing. I remember being those ages, and acting the way they do now.

running in tall grass
figuring ourselves out by each other
learning to accept

ironically I hung out with Brianna, Megan and Christine after I just posted last nights blog about missing us all being together. We watched colored girls together, it was sad yet beautiful

it rained hard today but I felt relaxed, peaceful and warmth

5:08 pm, it's flooding on nordoff and havenhurst

depending on which direction I am driving in, my windshield fog up differently

I lost my nose ring, again

I realized I am always unsatisfied when I don't bring my camera, either film or digital, with me

my mother gave me free coupons for coffee today

I can love every season

connection, soul. soul connection, I've only found a few of those

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