Thursday, January 6, 2011

6. words of wisdom? +

if you could give me (or anyone else) any advice, life, relationships, school, ones self, etc

or even a quote, a lyric, a secret you're keeping, a bible verse, something you learned recently, something your mother taught you, a artist worth knowing about, or maybe even a place you discovered recently

of everything that YOU value, what would you share with me?

I'd love to hear, it's completely annoynmous



  1. Always be yourself and stay true to yourelf

  2. go crazy, make lots of mistakes and find the beauty in it all. go traveling, let every perconcieved notion of religion, family, culture, politics, love and friendship out of your mind and then find them again but in new ways, with new people, in beautiful places and with a new way of thinking. never become latent. always move, always change, always create. Love art and music. Love love and sex. Love people, the best parts about us and the bad parts too, which, in the end make us human just like every one else. let go. breathe in, breathe out. just learn how to be. happy. alive. joy-filled. and surround yourself with beautiful people.

    the end. :)

    miss you.