Tuesday, January 11, 2011



woke up this morning with eggo waffles made for us :) got on the train 20 minutes later and headed home!

met up with Brianna and went for a run at balboa park. Ran until we physically couldn't run anymore. Yes, we are out of shape and yes, we are seriously doing something about it.
Balboa park has a lake and a community of birds and ducks. It was so cool, we observed the life there and let me tell you, ducks are so interesting. I wonder what they do alone when there is no people around. while we were running and observing the ducks we kept hearing whistles coming from these guys who were raking leaves and it looked like they were volunteered for community service or something. I really wanted to find out what they were doing and why...like always. After getting back to the car and driving back over, we wanted to take some photos of the birds, we got out and kept hearing the whistles from those guys. This time I was going to talk to them, so I did...Josh & Russel, cool indie kids who got in trouble and now has to do community service but actually enjoy it and make the best of it. I love that. I took this picture after we headed back to the car, it might have been weird if I directly took a photo of them

later I had a interview, which I feel confident about...but let's talk about that more if anything happens

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