Tuesday, January 11, 2011


took a train down with Lindsay today, to Santa Barbara. Missed the 9am train so we had to wait till 1 which was unfortunate but I wasn't about to let that ruin my day. While waiting in the Chatsworth train station I started talking to his one man, his name is Adison who works for the LAPD and had a walkie talkie going off every 3 seconds. I was curious, as always. So I struck up a conversation and learned he was OFF work? yet his walkie talkie goes off every second? I couldn't handle that. Anyway, I found out his true passion is flying...helicopters especially. When we got onto that subject (which came about because I asked him if he really enjoyed his current job and if he was going to stay there forever and he said his passion was in the air!...long parenthesis, I know) he lite up with excitement and I could tell it was something he really enjoyed talking about- so I let him.

He taught me to do what you love.

So we got the on the train, talked, caught up, laughed, etc where I met Emma who travels to San Jacinto? I'm not sure...she goes down there to visit her boyfriend. They dated in high school and decided to stay together and make it work. She was my age so it was crazy to see such a young couple so determined to stay together, I can appreciate that.

I bought a bag today, from India I think. I wish I asked.

Later that day, Lindsay's sister and her friend who came with us had to leave because they had school and since we had a place to stay we decided we would go home in the morning! it was all last minute and spontaneous. sooo, we only had one ticket for all 4 of us! didn't know it if was aloud to be separated. But me, being able to talk to just about anyone, I got the man to let the girls get on the train and us to stay. Thank you Mr. James Ojeda.

so that night we stayed up all night talking and watching TV with Gilbert, one of the kind people we stayed with. He is cool, 23, travels a lot. His words of advice to be were "be adventurous and don't be high maintenance"

"well spangle my banner!", the new kindle commercial makes me want one, licorice, "there's a tuna down there with my name on it"

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