Thursday, January 20, 2011


>Bri got her hair done today, and I came with.
>I met and had a photoshoot with Melissa Gordon today, she is adorable.
>I went to my first day of work at Rosies which is this barbeque place in Northrige and had so much fun. I needed a job in the public, I love it so so much and my co worker, Alex was really welcoming and fun to be around.
>Later Bri, Meg and I went to our friends apartment in north hollywood while he recorded new music and we listened to other tunes. he's style in rap is so different, which I love because I don't like just any rap. When I watch him work, his passion is like the passion I have for pictures so we can understand each other in that aspect. It's cool and we hang out with them a lot so I probably will end up taking pictures of him one of these days.

>I brought my film camera tonight, but it ran out of film. Lovely.

>first are some weird photos I took on my phone tonight, then the other is the shoot I did today

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