Friday, January 28, 2011


So Bri & I got to hollywood around 5oclock when a FREE Cold War Kids show started at 6, turning left on Vine we saw this big line;

By the time we parked and got to the line they started filing people in the store IN BETWEEN the music shelves, which honestly was mind blowing and I loved we didn't wait in line, completely because of perfect timing. We had such a crappy view tho, but a minute of standing there a guy came to our row and casually said "this row....follow me". So we did. We shuffled our row to the very front on the right so we had a straight shot view of them. At the end, I picked up the last CD.

I'm not one for perfect timing, but tonight said other wise. I loved every single thing about tonight...I'm still amazed by it

pictures to be developed****

Later went to Pizza Fushion with Bekka & Brianna. Cool waiters, cool stories.

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