Thursday, November 4, 2010


besides my phone breaking, today was a REALLY good day...I think because I surrounded myself by everyone I love. Most of my days are amazing because I am constantly with amazing people. I hung out with Jenna in the morning, Kevin in the afternoon, then math class in the evening with all my math buddies. I came home after class and had rediculous conversations with Brianna, that always, make no sense to anything but keep me laughing all night.

I want to blog this one. You can click to make bigger.

Earlier I found this INCREDIBLE youtube account "watchlistentell" of these amazing indie acoustic artists from London. I love every single one. It makes me want to go live in Europe and be with these beautiful musicians. here is just ONE of the videos, I really couldn't pick which one I liked best, so you really should go check it out here (click)

If you like Mumford & Sons and Florence & The Machine then you would really love this stuff!

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