Thursday, November 25, 2010


it's weird how you meet people throughout your life and they show you what you want in your life. they shape you, they mold you, and inspire you, they make you cry, they teach you how to be yourself. Some situations are better then others and everyone teaches you a different life lesson even when you least expect it. Some of the most self-changing experiences have been some of the worst times but I would never take them back for the world, in fact I am in love with those times now. I am in love with the people. Whether the friendship is still alive or cut short from some event or a series of events, most everyone I have been I cherish and take a little bit from them as I hope they take a bit from me.

it's that ancient love that you wont out grow
it's the fee you pay, it's the debt you owe

it's that ancient love, that just moves alone
and there's a itch so slight, even when you're gone

Today is thanksgiving, I spent it with some of my family. I had a lovely talk with my beautiful grandma, I love her. Later I went over to Megans, hung out with her little bro Christian where we ate pie, macaroni and listened to some good indie tunes.

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