Wednesday, November 24, 2010

326: to Bekka Gunther

I want you to know I have been reading most of your blog posts, if not all. The way I read them, is when Kevin and I hang out, he'll play piano (mostly make up his own songs) and I go on his laptop and read your posts! It's really awesome, it's puts so much more depth into what you have to say and I can almost feel, taste, touch, and see what you are experiencing! He's really great at piano, but I've already told you that =)

Anyways, I was JUST thinking about you right now and a little frustrated because I haven't talked to you in so long and I do not understand why because I have emailed you, posted comments on your blog and tried re-requesting you on facebook (by the way, how did your facebook get deleted?) but tonight I clicked on your blog and saw that you mentioned me in your post and it seriously warmed my heart so much! I also saw that you said you want In N Out, funny because I have been eating way to much lately. it's like all Kevin eats! so since you've been gone, I've probably eaten it more recently than in my entire life. next time I go there, I'll think of you :P
I love you, and what are you doing. I am thee most un-jealous person but I am envious of what you are accomplishing right now and I wish to do this one day myself. You are truely amazing!

OH YEAH, so I was one this one girls photography facebook (digital sophia) and she made a post that said "question to photographers: who has been your favorite models and why? what attributes did she have, etc" and this one girl by the name of Karan posted YOUR NAME!!! and it's amazing because I can comment back and honestly say that she is one of my best friends and I could not agree with her more!

If you are wondering how I am doing, I am doing great! School is getting old, but hey, only 3 more weeks. I've been keeping busy. Kevin and I are really really good. I'm really happy. Brianna left to Arkansas on Monday for two weeks, so now BOTH of my best friends are miles and miles away from me! I've been experimenting with night photos lately, and I love it! also, I've had 2 clients and I think I have 2 or 3 more coming within the next month! so much has happened, but I bet WAY WAY WAY more for you!

Keep going Bekka! You are such a inspiration.

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  1. Jesssssiiccaaaaaaaaaaaa!! This made me sooo happy! I didnt get your email at all!! wahhh! Which address are you sending it to? Idk if I check all of them all the time, that might be why. Anyways, my FB got disabled cause Ive been moving around so much and Ive been trying to contact FB about it and get my original back but I havent gotten a response. I made a second one and then I read that if you make another facebook then the FB people will permenantly disbale all of your accounts, so thats why I havent signed on to the second one since.

    Geez. I hate not haveing fb! lol So annoying!

    Ive been reading all your posts, and it makes me feel a little less homesick when I have my days of wishing I was back at home. I really do miss you though, so many things here you would love. SOOOO many things I know would inspire you and have already been inspiring me! When I get back, lets plan a trip! Even if its to San Fran. or a random place in the US. Lets do it! We would have so much funnnn!!!!

    Thats crazy about the Karan photographer. I shot with a guy named Karan but not a girl. Idk who that is (dont tell them I said so, lol). But thats awesome! I prob. loved working with them too!

    Im excited to see your progess and all your experiments with photos... I know youll rock your appointments with your clients. Im soooooo proud of you! Honestly, you are going to do big things, no matter what it is. Every time I meet someone and I tell them Im a model, I always tell them why: you. :) haha

    Im so happy for you and Kevin, I wish I was there to hear in person all the fun stuff you have been doing! Wahhhh! lol Keep writing all the time in your blog, its my only link to life back home now that my facebook hates me haha

    I love love love you girl!