Sunday, October 17, 2010


school was a nice get-a-way. I love my wednesday night/saturday afternoon math class more then you'll ever know. I met Evan before class, he's a cool dude. we talked about religion, it's insane how much were in the same exact place in our lives.

I've never really talked about this class in my blog before. But since I kind of consider this my "diary" in a sense, I think I should...because this is something I really would want to remember. okay, well I have 4 pretty close friends in that actually. Evan, Eddie, Cassidy and Michelle. All different people with WAY different stories.

Evan is 20 and from colorado, was a christian and traveled with the Invisible Children organization for a year then came back to colorado and decided to go on a adventure with a friend and move to california...the craziest part of california too! Venice. He has two jobs, both at resturants. It's been a rough journey for him. I've had many cool conversations with this kid.
Eddie is 20 or 21 from the Philippines. Came to SMC and messed up his first semester. I don't know much about how he came to california...but I know he lives wit his younger brother and is learning how to be responsible and grow up. I'm always joking around with him. He is a genuine person, I've never met someone so nice before.
Then there is Michelle and Cassidy, both who graduated the same year as me and both live in the valley like me. Which is kind of crazy. Cassidy was my first friend, she plays soccer and is from Glendale, she has a boyfriend who moved away to college. Michelle is a crazyyyyy girl, from North Hollywood. They're both like me, they wanted to go to SMC to escape the valley and get a different college experience without actually moving away. I love both of them.

They all actually mean a lot to me, we are all constantly making jokes, laughing, and helping each other out. Usually I don't care to write about people..especially class mates, dang. But they honestly have taught me a lot and have opened my eyes to so much in life and everytime I come home from math I always have a ncie feeling and I definitely look forward to this class. I'll be sad to leave this class.

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