Tuesday, October 12, 2010


today was a powerful, beautiful and a i n t r i g u i n g learning experience.

so in my counseling class we had to make these life line presentations, where, on a poster board we had to come up with a theme and basically map out our goals. we had to share a few of our past experiences that shaped us into the person we are today along with as many future goals we would want to accomplish.

(i'll post a photo of mine when I can...)

but basically my theme was photography so I did a film strip that had two twists in it...one twist representing my highschool to college transition and then a college transition to real life transition. my past accomplishments that has "shaped me" was picking up photography and that being a huge part of my highschool career. when I got into photography I finally found that I had something going for me when my whole life I never had that. Another was the year 2010...I graduated, I turned 18, I found my passions, I discovered my true friends, and I over came a serious health problem that lasted two years. my future goals, that I didn't take too seriously because I'm just focusing on having fun and being free...but they are going to san francisco, interning for a fashion magazine, graduate college with a degree in sociology, photography, or nutrition, traveling the united states, opening a health clinic, having a sunflower-filled wedding and marrying my best friend...my last goal was to have lived a amazing life, and being completely satisfied.

But, anyways, everyone shared their presentation today in class and let me tell you, it was INTENSE. literally, people cried, laughed, smiled, and focused so much on every person that went up. One guy even made a gospel rap, that was so incredibly compelling that it gave me the chills. It was such a respectful hour, I loved it. learning about my class mates in a deeper way makes me realize that everyone is so important. everyone lives and breathes just like me, they feel JUST LIKE ME, and everyone has goals and aspirations...just like me.

I came into this class, the first day, looking around for someone who looked similar to me so I can be friends with them and connect with them. I succeeded, really well too, I made more then a few friends. again...just like me but in a more shallow sense of how they looked...I automatically did that because I was not used to going to a school with variety, so it intimidated me. I will admit, I judged so many of the people, secretly, inside of me. I just didn't understand them. After today, I learned something so important about every single person in my class, it was soo beautiful.

It's so amazing how we just put labels on people with out getting to know them, everyone does it too. This project opened my eyes, so so so much to the world and accepting everyone no matter what race, age, life style, etc. You can learn something new from E V E R Y O N E.

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  1. I admire you so much, and i just think you have the most beautiful heart and everything you say is so inspiring. Honestly, I look at things in such a different perspective after I read your blog posts. Thanks for doing this 365, it's really interesting learning so much about you even though I hardly know you. That might sound creepy, but I appreciate your openness. <3 Keep it up, girl. Live out your dreams and don't stop until you're satisfied.