Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Okay so I own the first generation Ipod nano and I absolutely love it. I'm not sure why, I just think it's the best model they have ever made and I love the look of it and I like how the corners are sqaure instead of rounded. silly as that sounds. Anyways, I don't want a new one...I just want to keep this one but the problem is, is that it's only 2GB...which is not even 400 songs which means I don't have room for all my music which is a major hassel because whenever I put new music on I have to take off some old music. But I don't want a new one although the new Ipod nanos are really cool, I love them but I'm still really attached to mine :) This was also one of the first things I ever bought myself, back in 8th grade I think?

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