Thursday, March 11, 2010


What a amazing day! I'm starting to fall in love with everyone I meet! Or even people I know that I'm just starting to see all of the great qualities that lie insides of them. Everyone is so beautiful with such potential!

Look what I found!

I'm so happy I found this! My favorite musician ever, Justin Vernon singing "the park" by Feist which is my favorite song by her!
Love. (skip to about 55 seconds to go straight to the song)

I also just discovered a surplus of songs by Justin Vernon he wrote in 05 before he became "Bon Iver"...I would have to admit they are not as great as his recent stuff...even he will admit this in interviews he has done! I would know this because I am his #1 exaggeration here.

Although tracks that are worth sharing would be Liner, Hazeltons, Frail Sail, and Ring out. Ring out seems to have a spiritual meaning behind it but with a twist!

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