Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I hate the smell and taste of parmesan unless it's the kind you put on which case I still hate the smell but I like the taste.

I love people for who they are.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors.

I take tests I start from the bottom question on the page and work to the top.

I ordered a pair of rainboots a couple weeks ago and they still haven't come in the mail.

Sine about october of 09 I haven't craved a hamburger- or red meat period.

Floral is my favorite clothing print atm.

The new BCBG magazine/lookbook has some really nice photographs in it- I hope one day to do a photoshoot for a well known magazine.

I'm starting to admire Thoreau a little bit more.

I actually enjoying going to church.

Everytime I wear my retainer to bed wake up to it somewhere IN my bed- that's a little scary because I always imagine me choking on it.

I'm genuinally scared of being put to sleep (like during surgery)...I'm actually scared of a lot of things.

I am a deep thinker.

Hot coffee with cream makes me sick, it never used too. I still enjoy it tho but I enjoy ice coffee even more!

I find it cool that everyone has a talent and even more cool when people use them to the best of there ability.

I enjoy writing positive things on peoples formspring's.

I need new bronzer (benefit), but I'm not willing to spend 30 bucks right now until I get hired with another photography job.

I'm a good secret keeper.

I'm not a good drawer but I think I am a decent painter.

I love God =)

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  1. I honestly don't know what my TALENT is yet, there are lots of things i DO, but I never really excell lol

    wahhh sometimes I wish it was easy to spot -- lik e you! You ACTUALLY know your talent!!!