Sunday, February 14, 2010


Saturday was a new experience! I went SNOWBOARDING! I know this may be very common to say, but it was hard & I fell a lot...but I got better the second run I went down. I wish I would have gone more times but I was so exhausted hurting and cold- - - I couldn't! All in all it was fun, but it would have to take a lot of convincing for me to go again!

We had 2 services that day, one was about being a Christian example and the other was "L.I.G.H.T"
L: love people passionately (mark 3:34)...basically love them enough to tell them about Christ
I: Intercede tfor them persistantly
G: Go to them personally...invite them to church with you, don't just say "well maybe if you have time" be aggresive and say "I want you to come to church with me"
H: Help them practically
T: Teach them plainly

He went on to say how we should have a purpose in this life. The one think I really got from the message of "l.i.g.h.t" was what if you were the ONLY one to save someone (in other words, for them to become a christian) and you didn't because you were hesistant or shy? He said we need to be a light under the bushel (matt 5:15)...have you ever noticed in a dark room- pitch black- you can't see a single soul? not even your own hand in front of you? but once, you light a match, shine a light or even use your phone you can see much clearer...that's how God is, he is that light, and we need to be that light to other people. We need to have a purpose, shine our light to other people

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