Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am back from winter camp! But this is supposed to be fridays blog so I'll "re live" it for you....

So friday started out with waking up at Bris house then getting ready to go to Faith Baptist School! We waited, checked in and got ready to go on the bus! When we got to Pali Moutain (the camp site) we put all our stuff in our cabins then went down to the "field" which was covered with so much snow! It was incredible, I haven't ever seen snow, well that I can remember. We through snow balls, sledded and met really cool people.

Around 7-8ish we had service, which is like a chapel that lasted around a hour. This was my favorite lesson of the weekend. I really enjoyed the speaker (Matt Conners) and the message. Basically it was about surrendering to God. I made brief notes, so hopefully I can tell this to your to where you will catch on. We studied the verse Acts Chap 26: 24-28. It's about a man of the name Arigppa, King Agrippa. He knew everything about God and the faith but was just not persuaded to become saved. He believed he could do it on his's crazy because King A is never mentioned again after that and he never was saved.

He tied in "pride" & "pet sins" into the message as well. He talked about pride and how we are given the liberty to do stuff on own and how with pride we do not thank God. Pet sins was another one, these are little thing that we don't want to give up that could be stopping us to surrendering to God...anything from impurity, immorality and even thoughts. As he mentioned "sin is only fun for a season" which is completely true. He gave a really good analogy of a rose. So take a rose, pass it around a room allowing them to touch it, feel it, look at it, smell it, do whatever you would like. It's beautiful, right? But what happens to it once it comes it still beautiful and pure? This is what happens to us when we have our pet sins before God. They make us impure, sinful and to extend of outwardly ugly.

It made me think a little. I really want to change myself...get rid of my pride and pet sins. Steps I can make is surrounding myself amoungst better people. In the bible it says "iron sharpens iron" & it's so true. Take a analogy of a chair, have someone stand on it and the other person on the floor. Is it easier to pull the person to the chair with you or for the person on the floor to pull you down? This is important, and to make friends with the same standards as you- if not won't bring you down because you have same beliefs and thoughts.

So I really enjoyed the chapel, but that's not all we did! After that we watched a Christian Horror movie, really cheezy but it has a really good story line! Then we had cabin time then we went to bed!

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