Saturday, January 9, 2010


...electro indie hop grab some beats
and then add some rock
take some indie and spread it on top
mix them records and what you got...

I'm still mesmerized how great Wicker was. Funny story, one of the band members went to my elementary school. Anyways they are definiately my new favorite (local) band...not that I had one before or anything. I would have to say they are definitely better live than on track, but that's just my opinion..almost like a little review! Bekka & I are probably going to go see them again on the 15th or 23rd! So excited

(+)So I spent to rest of the night with Joey in Santa Monica at the pier. We got there a little before the sunset, it was really nice. Anyways when we were heading back to the car Joey found a 50 dollar bill in the sand at night time! we were going to go out to dinner with it but EVERY place had a hour wait so we ended up going to baja fresh, which is actually one of my favorite places anyways. 

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