Saturday, January 9, 2010


Last night was so siqq, so let me explain...
My good friend Bekka Gunther interns for The Signal newspaper and is really into communications! So she gets in contact with really cool local bands and interviews them, with my luck she brings me along to take the photographs! We also had another accompliance Jeff, who videographed the interviews & live performance. Anyways so all I thought, we were going to go to interview the bands and leave, cool I thought, I mean that's nothing different from what we normally do! But instead we got wristbands that let us in backstage, and we didn't have to pay for the tickets might I add. So we got there, heard the first two bands, whatever, then we did a interview & mini photoshoot with Assemble The Skyline (ATS). They were really cool, once we were finished we went down to the stage and watched them perform! They were awesome! I'd love to see them again. Then after we went backstage again and did another photoshoot/interview with The Divine, cool people as well. I've met them/did a photoshoot back in 09 before so it was cool seeing them again! after that we helped cracked some of there glow sticks for there performance. While we were waiting and excited for The Divine to play, this band named Wicker played. They were amazing! I would have to say my favorite I heard that night, they definately know how to have fun and pump up a crowd. Then The Divine played, a really great show...andI'm glad I got to be a part of it. Here's a bunch of photos from last night:

click for:
Bekkas Blog
Jeffs Videography
and my photography

(backstage with ATS and there performance)

(Wicker performing)

(backstage w/The Divine and there performance)


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