Thursday, September 3, 2015

Flower Crown Bar!

Best Day Ever
Flower Crown Bar
Bridal Shower 8/31/15

On a cozy summer night in the hills of Sunland was a beautiful, detailed and elegant bridal shower. My dear friend Annie was graciously guested to display her new flower-crown-bars for the 25 beautiful young woman who attended. An assortment of various summer flowers flooded the table in all sorts of vintage bottles. Each lady picked their favorite flowers from the table then which Annie would intricately interweave together to create a beautiful crown of flowers to be placed on their head. Each crown unique, just like her inspiring work, is only good fruit from her heart. Her bar brought smiles, fragrance and new level of conversation to the night.

To contact annie for inquiries of her flower crown bars and floral arrangements go to

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  1. Seriously loved your flower crowns. Want to have one in my bridal shower too at one of local venue. My friend is a florist and she will be looking after floral décor while Francisco Flower Delivery service will deliver flowers. Will surely discuss about this idea as want to have it on the event day.