Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Brunch

1. come together; assemble or accumulate.
2. bring together and take in from scattered places or sources.

Being a person fascinated by food and having a natural awareness of what it does to the individual and how it affects a social enviornment; most  stories relating with food start with a remembrance of family. Here in Los Angeles where family may be miles, states or even countries away, family has coined a new meaning.
My dear friend and chef Meredith Ouzounian always brings her "family" together each season with a creative assortment of house made drinks paired with her own recipes and an assortment of creative activities to keep everyone engaged.
Arriving mid morning for the spring brunch, colorful and patterned dresses fluttered around as all the girls gathered around, chatting, as the array of dishes slowly started to be placed on the table one by one in the dreamy and well decorated garden. Laughter, ideas and a positive overflow of the heart filled the backyard as we sipped iced coffee and blood orange mimosas. We dished up our meals as we caught up from weeks and months of busy but blessed life stories, challenges and answered prayers. Everyone scattered around different tables and picnic blankets savoring every taste and enjoying unique additions to the meal like squash blossoms, english peas, kumquats, hints of mint and notes of lavender.
Full hearts and stomachs, we came together and continued traditions like decorating eggs while discussing varieties of creativity, love and the vision for life ahead.

Menu by Meredith Ouzounian 

+ Buttermilk biscuits with fig butter + raspberry jam
+ English pea, lemon brown butter, roadted walnuts, thai basil, pea tendril salad
+ Parfait; lime creamed yogurt, mango, earl grey granola, chili blueberry sugar
+ Strata; spring onion, zucchini, sundried tomato, fennel pollen creme fraiche, black olive powder
+ Kumquat lemon poppy seed tea cake
+ Weat berrie, artichoke, amaranth, golden tomato, radish, lemon verbena vinaigrette
+ Bacon maple corn meal muffins
+ Lavender cashew macarons 
+ Thyme tangerine green tea
+ Mint strawberry chamomile tea
+ Blood orange cranberry mimosas
+ Cold brew coffee car 

Egg nest coconut macaroons by  Melissa Ouzounian 

Flower arrangement by Annie Armstrong

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