Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Least Of Hope

astounding the feelings, or lack there of
when I can't tell you a single truth
communication is ridged and burned
before it seeps and soaks
to the drum of your ear
but how do you receive love?
well, that doesn't matter anyway
love is long gone
it has been falling off that steep cliff labeled "DEATH"
my oh my, how much it hurts
how did it ever come to this length?
off the steepest of cliffs, down into the lowest of valleys
it split open by sharp rocks, it shattered long ago
it's ridges are like fine glass
not even a l o v e d one would allow a hand to collect
unless to expect blood stained fingers
but, I'll wait and I'll let you pick up the shards
awaiting to see if the blood EVEN drips from thee
because clueless am I to know, if blood circulates in your own soul
but I know of a love, so real and so pure
the perfect love takes off the load
brings you into the newest of code
although wickedness has it's grip, I try so hard not to accept
it still hurts, every time I look into your eye
but most days I choose not
to my knowledge you have caught
I try and I work, if I said how I felt
the words would only disintegrate before they reached the heart
but how do you describe,
months and moments,
the days flying by
the toils,
the troubles
of an inward growing girl
was it you or was it me
maybe this life time we'll see
{{{the least of hope}}}

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