Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 26 2014

I made this aw vegan gluten free pie today :) 

November 27 2014
Happy Thanksgiving. The past three days I have juice fasted and the day before I ate only vegetables. I did it for many reasons, spiritual, physical, health reasons, self control and to be disconnected for food for a few days.
I felt really blessed in my fast, meaning, I was barely hungry, I barely could smell food and there would be so many moments I felt so good. This wasn't like a normal fast either, I felt very dedicated. Sometimes where hard, especially being it was three days long. Some moments I would just want to eat out of habit
In all {honesty}, food has been a big part of my life. From struggles, to obsessions to what I would call a minor addiction. I didn't choose to have it, and I wish I could just shake it off like nothing. I find the human and food relationship so fascinating because it's something that we physically NEED- no way around it. We need food to survive.
This is such a big subject, years and year of emotions, problems, victories, insanities, unhealthy and healthy days that make it very complex. I have a lot of unsorted things to say about it- mostly because people don't let me unravel, most of the time I'm shut out by ones opinion. It's okay, that's not the point or even a negative emotion in me, it's just the fact I haven't been able simply unravel all of these light and dark, light and heavy, real and deepened thoughts and emotions about this subject.

ANYWAY, I feel such a victory this time on food.
I've been living healthy for years now but still an emotional thing that sometimes, and I'm just being honest, has power over me.
I think it has power on many of us that we are not aware of

In conclusion I'm just so overwhelmed at how 1. God is good and 2. I feel amazing
I want to keep this going and start eating raw vegan more often

so yeah
be thankful this evening

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