Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18th Update

Well it's been one day short of one month since I've been back. I'm always being asked "how is it being back?" but you see that answer is too complex to describe into one word…just like my life, and many yours. It's had all emotions like numb, sad, happy, anxious, content, happy and extremely peaceful. God is good.

I've gotten inspiration to create other kinds of art like jewelry and paintings. I took up a french class which I'm obsessed with. I've shot a few weddings- even going to Mexico for one. I've been making to-do lists everyday and crossing them off. I've been waking up early. I've been swimming. I dyed my hair blue. I've got to spend quality time with my little sister. I joined a new church which I absolutely love. I've bought a good amount of concert tickets for this season.  I haven't been using my camera much that I'm going to change that starting when I'm 22- oh yeah I turn 22 in 8 days.

Here are some photos;

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