Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday Night Tea


They say the french spend up to four hours in a  meal together and when I first heard this it boggled my mind thinking that was way too long and almost absurd but last night in the midst of laughter, creative food and well kept conversation I thought in my brain "maybe this is how the french do it".  Dinner parties with friends, celebrated life and blessings all around the table are always those sparkling golden nights when hours seem like minutes and night falls in a blink of an eye. This night five of us girls got together and enjoyed a tea together dispersing into our own conversation, taking on many layers and deeper dimensions- catching up from the chaotic weeks and months that sneak up on the young and ripening adult.

Chef & decorator Meredith Ouzounian always impresses her guests and best of friends with amazing table settings filled with decadent food creations that comes together so well in how she places each of her creations giving your brain and mind entertainment for the length of your stay. Stimulated senses would be the description to be had if I was given two words;  embodied with flavor and a tranquil ambiance. Mood setting music and energetic love drifting from person to person.

Dinner or meals should no longer be simple and secluded nouns but creative and continuous verbs;





Sandwiches: -Pear, cinnamon sugar, cream cheese, nut bread -Dill, cream cheese, Persian cucumber, buttermilk bread -Roasted turkey, avocado, heirloom tomato, arugula, croissant -Soppresata salame, havarti, Hawaiian roll Pasta: -Sweet pea, black radish, purslane, fresh herb, nettle walnut pesto, bowtie pasta Drinks; Watermelon, ginger, lime margarita Mint and lime water
Desert: -Almond French macaron, bourbon caramel filling -Chamomile lavender scone
-Tangerine thyme poppyseed tea cakes with beet glaze
-Peach marmalade, passionfruit white peach jam

Recipes and all creations by Meredith Ouzounian

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