Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 20th 2014

Two nights and one day  left with my little family here in Linkoping. The passing moments have been beautiful yet welcomed by a simple sadness as I realize "this is the last time I might ever do this". It's been a slow yet continuous stage of goodbyes as bodies come in and out of these big green doors- but mostly goodbyes.  We sit here giggling now,  with each giggle is quickly followed by a mutual understanding that it's almost the end. Goodbyes never really hit me but for some reason as I clean up the mess, pack up my belongings , make up for the lost laughs, I keep remembering the "first times" and then it hits me - these times were golden.

I love these human beings,
that are sleeping in every inch of this giant red building,
 these precious human beings

what a gift it has been 

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