Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gullbranna Music Festival

I wrote a whole long page for this blog but I'm not going to share much because it's quite deep and could be quite long and I'm really not sure who will read this either and whether I want anyone to really know.  But I will share that there is a God out there that is  crazy, real, creative, awesome, direct, mysterious, loving,  and really does SPEAK to you when you seek for Him. This week I've experienced grace more than ever. I can be so toxic sometimes- but God is so good. He is still speaking and teaching and trying to make me more like Him and learn and understand and...just wow. I really couldn't live with out Him.

SO yeah, fter I decided that I wouldn't go on another outreach this summer to Latvia, Spain or Brazil,  I quickly found out that Lisette and I would be attending a christian music festival to promote YWAM and just to be in the presence of God. Excitement filled me every moment that I pondered to the future of this weekend, I felt like God was giving me a great gift.

Gullbranna was awesome. I describe it as medicine for my soul- a beautiful healing.  
I've never seen so many California, New York, Miami and American flag shirts in one single place before. The Swedes definitely know how to represent the USA. I've also never seen such a constant long line for ice cream.  My favorite part was dancing like little girls (and being surrounded my little girls) to a boy band. Literally one of the most amazing, amusing, hilarious and captivating experiences. The people were so awesome too- like one night we were setting up our tent at 2:30 am, really dark, and some girl just randomly invited into her tent for the night. On the way back we stopped at the sea in Halmstad, danced to a mix of semi-electronic and 80's music, drove through the country side and had Swedish fast food. I loved every minute of it.

Ah there is so much. There is ALWAYS so much but I'll stop there-  I'm so thankful for this experience. 

Here are the photos of the journey;

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