Saturday, June 7, 2014

Truth is...

I picked up this book, Syng, at this free little library while back in Iceland. It's teaching me so many crazy cool words and metaphors and all of those cool things you need to expand your vocabulary and be a captivating writer. I'm only on page 20 of about 150 pages. It's so rich, you can only take a little at a time.

Speaking of Iceland, I miss it, I've been romanticizing over this country since before I left. I thought I loved Sweden, I thought this was it- I found my place...until I met Iceland. It's some strange love affair. I'm planning an escape back to Iceland from July 23rd -August 21st. During this time I will reunite with my friends Tinna & Brynjar, do a church outreach to the Westmann Islands,  hang around Reykajvik with hopes of collabing with models, artists and/or magazines and travel to East Iceland and live life in the nature with about 30 other souls, jumping off bridges into lakes and such.

Truth is...I'm a little afraid to go back to LA and live that lifestyle. I feel like a lot of what I had there was my photography business. Now, I don't know if that is completely over but I have a sense of emotional detachment from it. Thinking about it, and having scheduled appointments, makes me want to cringe. However, thinking of starting new with my photography business in another city or country makes me somewhat excited. I'm not sure what this means. Anyway, I'm a little afraid for myself being back. The relationships, the activities, the lifestyle. I know I won't be missing the heat or the traffic. I'm going to have to change a lot- I'm already beginning in prayer. A part of me wants to study another field, just for fun. Another part of me wants to live in another city in the US and start a new life for a year. As of now, I'm planning to be there till at least January 2015. I really want to start up a bible study, get involved in a small church, get a cool job doing whatever, spend time with my 2 year old sister and pray for what to do next.

The future is like some kind of large and mysterious body of water that I'm treading almost-too-lightly. This worries my mother, but I can't be stuck to anything. I think for now, I will constantly be moving.

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  1. Keep moving. I'm about to move again. What is life if we don't wander, if we don't explore, if we don't set our feet on some distant shore?