Monday, June 30, 2014

Destructive Desire

I want to write, I have many thoughts but it's kind of late in the night and my roomate is about to go to bed.
Today was different.
I felt restless and then my friend revealed to me that I may be bored.
I never feel bored...but I guess I was bored.
I turned to ice cream. I craved it all day long.
I really want to study nutrition. Pack up, move to a new city, join a new church and go to school. I've though about this for years now.
but God made it clear he wanted me to be in Sweden. Maybe I can re-ask him.

In the midst of me semi-complaining, feeling confused and maybe a little direction-less, my friend texted me saying "I think you should stay in Europe as long as possible"

I've realized that I make too big of goals.
I will start taking it day by day starting tomorrow


I'll listen to music for now...

here are some recent photos:

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