Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feb 5th 2013

I'm laying around Annie's apartment after a long, beautiful, eventful day. I woke up in my bed with the expectation to leave my house around 9 am, which didn't happen. I slowly woke up, after a great night sleep and took time to dive into the day. I cooked, I cleaned, I decided I want to give all my clothes and things away and dress super plain. I am changing. I'm happier with less.
I left my house at 12 pm and headed to DTLA to the world trade center to figure out this Swedish Visa- whatever. I guess they don't do Sweden, so now I have to figure out something else.
So many laws, rules and regulations just to travel to roam another piece of the earth.
Anyway, after I went down to Spring for Coffee where I had the absolute BEST cold brew of my life. It was delicious, which made up for my slight fear of the area I was in. I don't feel like I feel very much fear anymore- but I guess when you're a young lady, alone, in a sketch part of town it's reasonable? I don't even know. Downtown LA is so interesting to me. One minute you're in a nice beautiful area and the next you could be down on skid row. Downtown LA makes me so curious. I want to know all of it's history.
I've been a very curious spirit this year. All 37 days of this year. Every day I've been exploring a new coffee shop, learning a lot about coffee, searching a ton of vegan cafes and trying them out (I'm not vegan, I'm just fascinated with the idea), discovering little venues and dive bars and appreciating every inch of what the world has to offer. I have definitely used Yelp more in this past month than my whole life.
Anyway, after coffee I headed over to Annie's apartment and hung out a bit- did some photo work and headed out to Silverlake  around 5 pm where I had an amazing vegan meal at this place called Flore Cafe. It had me incredibly full for the rest of the night. I walked around sunset blvd- which is super cool. Echo park, Silverlake and Los Feliz are next parts of the earth to uncover.
After I went to Amoeba, bought the Kodaline Cd and a ticket for their show at the end of this month. I really enjoy going to shows alone. I went to one a couple weeks ago and loved it. It was so intimate and left me with no distractions so I could fully engage.
I went to church at 8pm and I loved it. It was about leadership. Everyone I know has been coming to this church with me- Mosaic, that I have been going to since November. It makes my heart super happy.
In the midst of day I didn't know where my camera was, which sucked because I've been trying to take snapshots of the human beings I've been I just took a selfie.
Now I'm back at Annie's, where my camera was innocently laying on the table.
I'm happy, I'm growing and I'm more curious than ever.

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