Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gregory Alan Isakov

Ugh, Today was beautiful. Started off at M Street Cafe where I had a nice coffee and got some photo work done. After I went on to work- oh yeah, I got a waitressing job. Just for fun because I was getting restless and bored of this freelance....which happens to work out perfectly so I can save up for Sweden, Iceland and wherever else I will be traveling too.-- OH YEAH, I'm going on a mission trip! to I don't even know where yet but I'll be flying into Stockholm Sweden the first week in April :)
Anyway, I went on to work. I love my job. Being a waitress is super cool, I am a really fast worker which makes me natural at it plus I have always wanted to be one as a child. I also feel that this job of a server is preparing me for this trip, in a odd way. Weird, I know. After I did a few errands, got another coffee and went to the Wilshire Ebell Theatre to see Gregory Alan Isakov! I went alone, which ended up being super nice and perfect. From start to finish the experience was amazing, the theatre was so beautiful, Greg was the opening band which was cool because I didn't have to be tired by the time he went on but it was also a bummer because he didn't play that long...but man oh man, he was amazing! It was my second time seeing him. I really love his music.
It's funny though, while I was sitting in the show I was realizing how nothing about my life is slow (like I mentioned I am a fast worker) besides my favorite type of music. Honestly, I don't know many people who genuinely like my taste in music which is fine because it's such a personal thing.
I also realized how everyone was so much older than me. This is a pattern in my life. It's weird, I thought by the time I would be in my 20's, the people surrounding me would eventually catch up and be my age but they just keep getting older. Do I like old people things or what?
Oh well.
I'm also in a weird phase right now where I find myself with a lot of alone time. I mean, I work A LOT (I've had the job for a good month now) but every time I try to schedule something with someone, it never works out. It's been a continuous pattern for a couple weeks now. It's actually quite strange.  I almost feel like it's meant to be. I FEEL that God is having this happen for a reason- which makes me semi okay because otherwise I will just feel a little down about it. Sometimes I think that since I'm going on this great adventure for 4 months, this alone time is crucial and I should embrace it.
I also have like 5 books I need to finish within the next month. Well, essentially I don't HAVE to, but it's just a little self challenge.
Also my interests don't seem to match up with anyone around me.
I've been feeling a lot. I've been sensing the world before my eyes much stronger.
Anyway, a few things I want to accomplish before I go on this missions trip is to make a food photography portfolio, to wake up early, to go to Portland & Seattle and SHOW as many people as I can that I love them.
But yes, I kind of got off on a long tangent but today was awesome. I love Gregory Alan Isakov.

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