Thursday, October 31, 2013

what shall we do?

here now, forever more our lives must part
my path leads there and yours another way
what shall we do with this fond love, dear heart?  
it grows heavier burden day by day

hide it? in all earths caverns, void and vast
there is not room enough to hide it, dear; 
not even the mighty storehouse of the past could cover it 
from our own eyes, i fear

drown it? why, were the contents of each ocean 
merged into one great sea, too shallow then 
would be it's waters, to sink in this emotion
so deep it could not rise to life again

burn it? in all the furnace flames below, 
it would not in a thousand years expire
nay! it would thrive, exult, expand and grow, 
for from it's very birth it fed on fire.

starve it? yes, yes that is the only way
give it no food, or glance or word or sigh
 no memories, even of any bygone day; 
no crumbs of vain regrets-- so let it die

-Ella Wheeler Wilcox 

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