Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 24 2013

 woke up
played with jayden before school
i plan my schedule around that baby
went back to sleep 8am
woke up 9 am
woke up 10 am
it's so hard for me to get myself up
even with things to look forward too
...this has never happened
the night before I stayed up making cards and crafts
I never like going to sleep
the act of putting myself in that state of mind interesting
my dreams have been cool tho
so i guess it's kind of worth it

today I made a little oatmeal
definitely didn't dig the almonds
got ready and all that
drove to the metro to meet Brianna
went to Little Tokyo via Red and Gold Line
had a tea party lunch
had a japanese ice cream sandwich (everyone should try these)
walked into downtown LA
wandered many places
got back on the metro
went to a pizza cafe
had the thinniest & best pizza ever
it was like a pizza chip, it was so thin
talked and walked and laughed
it's nice to have a real and true golden friend

<----I didn't need that
but it was very worth it

had Virginia May by Gregory Alan Isakov in my head all morning and the whole Bastille album in my head by afternoon

1.5 days till 21


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