Wednesday, March 27, 2013

busy busy busy

this past week and the next two weeks ahead I am PACKED busy! it's such an awesome feeling. I would love if it stayed this way!

March 25th- universal aquati commerical shoot
March 26th- school ALL day. portfolio critique
March 27th- night class
March 28th- wedding venue visit and client meet up
March 29th- Mimsy Borogrove Jewelry shoot
March 30- Senior portrait session followed by an Engagement session
March 31st- EASTER! the Lord is risen
April 1st- Maternity session
April 2nd- School ALL day. more portfolio critique
April 3rd- Couple photoshoot & guitar class midterm
April 4th- Couple photoshoot & night class
April 5th- April 11th- IDAHO! to visit my photography friend of 5 years! I have never met her but I am totally excited
April 12th- take a breather
April 13th- Wedding!

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