Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Creek....

Jumping into that creek from that tall rock wondering and waiting to find out if the creek was deep enough was the most exhilarating experience I've had in a long time. Just doing something for me, doing something outrageous. That day was such a happy solitude although I was not alone. I felt myself, free from others, happy in my skin. I watched you go off, I watched you be independent but I'd go as far to say that I was more than happy. I sat on the rock in the faint sun with goose bump skin slowly warming up- feeling beautiful. Closing my eyes, feeling a tremendous inner peace.

I get back to thinking how it would be, how things would have turned out but whenever I get into that jive I have to remind myself that we are all dying and you can't just wonder about something for the rest of your life. You need to pick yourself up, and carry on. Pack up your feelings and go. Gather your past and succeed. 

Start new, start fresh, just START

I believe that others can feel my energy more than I am aware of it
and all this time I thought I was so good at hiding it.

I need a new person
I need someone like me 
I need new life
I need new thoughts
I need refreshment
I need to be outrageous.... always
I need to jump into cold, cold water more often

"I see a field of flowers, but these flowers are dead, dark and depressed because of the winter. This field of flowers is just waiting upon spring so they can fully bloom---and when spring comes you will bloom for than ever. I see it right now. Just know that spring is coming" -Jesse Ruggles to me

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