Monday, February 11, 2013

lady river

i haven't made anything two days and these past three days i've ate SO bad. it's driving me nuts. food and me have a bad relationship.

I think I'm going to go on a raw diet starting wednesday till easter 

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  1. Stop this madness. Focus on eating healthy, whole foods. Not "eating raw until..." or "vegan until..."

    Change it to, "eating clean and healthy foods for LIFE." If you mess up for two days, it does not MEAN you have gone back to the start. Two days does not set you back. But feeling as if you've failed after two days bad eating DOES.

    Instead, drink 2 huge bottles of water, go for a light run, feel thankful that your legs carry you and you can see and hear and feel and think. And then go home and make a fresh, delicious meal without restricting or starving yourself. Which I know you don't do anyways.

    But see-sawing is never helpful. SO what? 2 days of bad eating? Okay, fine. Move onwards. Stay proud of yourself.

    I love you. SO much.