Wednesday, January 9, 2013

gliding through the canyon

last night was great, irreplaceable

brianna picked me up from my house, went over to spencers and sat in his room while he showered- I myself being nosey and going through every drawer and brianna into her photo of her and his cat "smokey". Cameron eventually came and we set on voyage for Kelseys house. After that we stopped by a place or two, and glided through the canyon listening to the new song by tegan and sara, that spongebob stacking crabby patty song, some ghetto rap and old Mgmt. Mgmt was definitely my favorite, something about the song that came on the radio that gave me- a feeling- indescribable. I sat in the passenger seat of Briannas car, sitting loose in my seat with the seat warmer on letting my body sway in every direction with ever swerve of the canyon. Towards the end of the song I stood with the bottom of my feet on the warmed leather seat and stuck half of my body out of the sun roof. IT WAS AMAZING. Eventually turning onto PCH was beautiful, the nightlite beach side road had such a great aura about it with wineries, resturaunts and beautiful houses to each side of us. Our destination was Dukes resturaunt in Malibu.

Upon arrival and nearly getting ran over by two cars as we crossed the dangerous windy road we got a table for 12 young souls. It happened to be taco night, which I had no desire to eat and I didnt even care for tacos at the time. Well, I decided to get one anyway because I am super sentimental and love experiencing all different resturants. Without a doubt that had to have been the BEST taco I have ever had in my life. It was grilled fish- although the battered ones that brianna got looked quite amazing too- with some kind of pico de gallo and tasty crunch vegetables scattered through out. As the night went on, conversation progressed and information exchanged. Pictures taken and good memories made.

Lets just say, I'm going there every Tuesday I can till I get sick of it :)

As for today, I did a few things here and there but the most exciting part of my day was receiving the first copy of "If we disappear" which is a novel by Tyler Bruno. Not only is it going to be a novel but we are going to be putting our two talents together and we will be turning the novel into a story photo book so you can visualize the story as you read and look at the photographs. I can not wait for this! Models are picked, destination is located, props and been decided on and now I'm half way deep into this novel that I can't put down!

I'm so excited to embark on this adventure, and hopefully see if progress throughout 2013.

So I prayed to be published in 2013...I did not expect it to be in a novel but this is more exciting than anything I had in mind! I do still pray and wish to be in a fashion magazine but I will gladly take up this challenge.

Stay tuned for more information :) iz gonna be wicked

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