Monday, December 31, 2012


I got closer to Jesus Christ
turned 20,
became a full time photographer,
became a sibling,
made friends that I never thought I would be friends with,
reconciled with "enemies" by chance not choice,
traveled out of the country for the first time ,
had my photo on the home page of a website,
many answered prayers,
was let down and let up,
road tripped & camped ,
drove my self crazy,
got extremely happy,
got extremely sad,
overcame all obstacles ,
overcame almost all my fears
went to SO many concerts,
became interested in running,
have read some of my favorite books ever,
finished and passed my last general ed class,
always tried to remain a free spirit,
and always trusted in God no matter what because of his promise

2013 I'll be starting a new journey
I want to get published in some kind of magazine or lookbook
learn the guitar
lose more weight
read the whole bible
stay true to my word
be happy
focus on living in the moment
and never complain

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