Thursday, December 22, 2011

so let's start with the last day of school

or at least the last couple days of fall semester 2011. I took photography 3 which is a 6 unit horribly hard and time consuming commercial photography class. Basically PRODUCT photography, I hated it but this class taught me how to work hard for the first time in my life. Believe it or not. I almost dropped it in the beginning, shed tears in the middle and ended up making great friendships. This class completely turned around on me from horrible bitterness to almost feeling sad to leave. My brain has never been expanded with so much knowledge before.

my class:

I also took photo 4 which is a portrait photography class. this...was easier but not as easy as I thought. It taught me how to use studios for portrait...which I was so stubborn and thought I didn't need. I'm glad I went through it. For my final project we had to pick a "theme" and my theme was boarding. Within that theme I tied in fashion, gymnastics, couples, and a group shot because my teacher asked for a group shot.
my class presentation could not have gone any better

speaking of boarding, I started to skateboard and I feel in LOVE...but the day I fell in love is the day my board got stolen. I'M SO SAD.

All I canPhotography is definitely the hardest subject I've ever studied.

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