Friday, October 7, 2011

Learning, Living

Today was a day for God
I spent it in full conversation with my grandma about the Lord. I love her so much!! I just got home from the lunch and I feel so fulfilled.

I am watching sermons right now, I will post one in a new blog when I find the right one. But now I'm listening to Third Eye Blind because when I write, I need music playing.

I miss Brianna, she's in South Carolina. I miss Bekka too. She definitely growing up into a beautiful adult, with an awesome life ahead of her.

I woke up this morning idea why. It's like the sore you get after doing a really hard workout at the gym. I think the sore-ness came from yesterday in the studio. I'm really shocked though because I think it worked out muscles I never have worked out because I am generally in shape.

So, I guess tolerating the muscles of the "studio-life" now, is that it?

I did a photography assisgnment yesterday with my friend Annie. I had to accomplish 3 different "looks" in 3 hours...with 3 different lighting patterns, lighting setups. It was so fast pace! I loved it. Unfortunately, I only got 2 looks done because they weren't the easiest things you could do.

Reminder, it's still school. But I have some studio time with my lovely classmate, Stephanie on tuesday! She is such a sweet beautiful older lady! with much style, sort of like J-Crew.

Here is look number 1. It was white on black...but get this, the background was orignially white! so I had to make it black with reflector boards.

Look number 2. Black shirt on black background with seperation of her shirt.

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