Monday, October 3, 2011

10 hours and counting

I have been at school for 10 hours now. I will probably not leave till about 8 or 9 pm either....which makes for 13 hours.

my major is finally setting in
and when people said that college consumes your life, and you get no sleep. I completely understand why now. The first two semsters, plus summer were not intense at all. Infact, it was a breeze. I did whatever I wanted, slacked off, and still passed.

I was so young, I didn't even kno what I wanted...and I still had the highschool mentality.

So this morning I woke up at 5am, left at 6am, got to school at 6:30, took a nap in my car from 6:30-7:15, waited outside the smc studios still 8, did my photography project from 8-10:45, ate lunch till 11, went to class from 11-1, took a nap in my car till 2, ate more food, finished my photography project from 2:30-4:30

and now here I am, in the library, and feeling accomplished. I don't think I have ever worked so hard...AND MY DAY IS NOT DONE. I will be going into the printing lab from 6-9 to process my photos and hopefully to start printing.

what a day!
and I didn't even have any coffee. actually, this whole semester I have been getting up at 5am (which isn't that bad...I love mornings + I love sunrise!) and I have been telling myself that I won't get addicted to coffee. I love the taste of black coffee! don't know why, so it would just be the death of me to get addicted.

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