Monday, September 5, 2011

San Francisco 8/20-22

AT LAST! a trip to San Francisco. I've been told for years now "Jessica, you belong in San Francisco". Over and over, yet I have never been. My good friend Cameron lives up there, so when I knew I was going to visit my Uncle in Santa Cruz...I made sure that I was going to make a trip to SF.

I took a train up there
I got on one train
transfered to a bus
and transfered to another underground train
ended up in the pit of China Town, with no word of English
I came to far on the bus, so I had to find my way around
with a heavy bag on my shoulder and a map in my hand
it was quite an adventure, a 3 hour one

I made it eventually. Spent 3 days with Camerons rediculosly cool roomates, and other friends. Bobby, Dawn, Ana, Gina, Ginas BF, Danielle, Trevon, and Cayvon. (I think that's all). My favorite part of the trip was when we had taco night...everyone got together and all made tacos and played taboo afterwords. We also went to coffee shops, into the city, coit tower, lombart and haight street, some of those famous bridges and parks, sushi, and other places.

I loved SF, but I didn't spend enough time there to figure if that is the place I want to live. For now, So Cal is my home and where I am most content.

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