Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mo·rass noun \mə-ˈras, mȯ-\

1. a situation that traps, confuses, or impedes
2. a confusing mass or mixture

I took this photo on a large format 4x5 camera, and printed it myself in the darkroom.

this didn't have meaning until I created it. I feel that me, as well as my friends are in a rush to grow up and have our careers I feel surrounded by this overwhelming power to be successful and to get somewhere in life. I've been stressed over school and trying to get a photography degree that I'm missing out on the joy of everyday living. I'm stressed over not getting photography jobs every second and missing that I have been successful already and sometimes there is down time to relax. My co worker Kristen made a great point to me when we were talking about trying to get school out of the way and on to our career...she said that if you think about when we were 16 to now that we have accomplished a lot and we are in a better state as an adult then we were back then. SO true...honestly when I was 16 I had not been a photographer for that long and probably had had my very first job. No real job, and still in highschool. I've come a long way and it made me realize and slow down that I'm ALMOST 19 years old (12 days!!!) and I'm in school on a way to a degree so I should be thankful and proud of myself...not down on myself.

I just want to climb, and get to the top...but if I'm impatient I'll just fall off

God will lead me where he needs me.

song of the week: Wash Bon Iver
countdown to his concert(s): 4 AND 5 days!!!!!

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