Tuesday, August 23, 2011

deep thinkers, shallow mind sets

I've erased
and rewrote
and erased
and rewrote

I feel like I can't blog anymore
ever since my trip, I've been jounaling
where no one can see
because that is how it's been lately
I've been really thinking about all the shallow mind sets
I can't do it anymore, I can't be around you

let me tell you, I love my friends NOT because they're models or pretty
I love their souls, stictly.

let me tell you, I've prayed for 2 people to leave my mind and my thoughts. they both entered my life at the same time, in complete different areas. they both were amazing, but only one has left my mind. dear other one, please leave.

last night I felt in love at bible study

some things I learned lately is too enjoy the moment I'm in now
to appriciate my parents, my home and my friends even more

so I think I have decided about college. I want to get my degree in photography...then I want to go to San Francisco and study nutrition. I'm not going to pass up my dream to go to college. BUT I'm going to pray and have God take me wherever he wants me.

hey guys, heaven is for real

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