Monday, July 18, 2011


frustration? only of the slightest kind

august 15 I'm flying to Santa Cruz, for a week. All I'm going to do is relax, learn, live, sight see, laugh, visit a good friend, visit my uncle, and take pictures that will be hidden. Maybe.

I'm hibernating
I'm hiding
I'm not posting any more pictures for a long while
Maybe of myself
But I'm too over whelmed and too consumed with what everyone else wants to see out of me. I'm starting to hate it. I need to find my outlet. I'm taking too many and it's becoming to hard on me. Truth is, is that I don't even want to take them anymore but I feel at ends with this constand demand that I see online and hear through the whispers of other souls.

I'm not understanding
It's blowing up so fast
and I feel so young
I am young

I used to search and search and search
It's not like that anymore

I mean I'll change back
but I'm reached my limits
I have two paid photoshoots and a wedding
After that I'm taking a break

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