Wednesday, June 22, 2011

what mischief you would bring, young darling

now that Bon Iver has become fairly well known, it has made me a little more bitter to the beauty of his music...but then again not at all because he is my absolute favorite and have been listening to him for years

I guess, I just hate when my favorite bands become mainstream. it has happened so many times this year and last.

it's going to be two years soon, since I saw him in concert AT SUNRISE. that was when absolutely no one I knew, knew of him.

I remember a couple years back, I suggested him to my entire friends list and then people started hearing skinny love- and then slowly but surely everyone knows of him. it's a great thing!

I remember last year in my math class, I met my friend Eddie who knew about Bon Iver too, without me having to tell him. I was soooooo shocked and so happy because I never met another soul who knew of him

well his new CD came out yesterday, I am waiting to buy a hard copy but for now I downloaded the bulk of the CD. it's not bad or good, it's just what he decided to come up with next. actually, I love it but nothing will be the same as For Emma.

towers- Bon Iver has been on repeat this morning

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