Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's that time again,

today I smelled like a fire pit with a touch of chlorine textured hair. hello summer, even though it doesn't feel like you're here, I am welcoming you with open arms. Hopefully you turn me into a sun-bathed beauty, probably not though. Anyway, Dakota invited me to her pool party. I love this girl, we go back to 7th grade...we have definitely grown together, having all the same insecurities and frets. Now were almost 19 and 20, it's a trip.

I've noticed that everyone at work is always so curious about what I put on my plate when I eat after my shift. It's because they are all so intrigued how healthy I eat, and how I actually enjoy it, and have no temptation to eat all the barbequed meats. They make it too big of a deal. It's cute though because then everyone always tells me how they are going to start eating healthy

....or they tell me I'm crazy.

tonight I'm going to the roxy with Spencer, Cameron, Will and dun dun dun... Brianna, of course

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