Thursday, June 30, 2011

I ordered a iced vanilla latte,

Hi, I'm sitting here in 212 pier. I decided to do this last night because I have so many photos to catch up on. I can only be here till 6 because that is when my parking expires...maybe I'll go over to unurban cafe because I don't feel like driving home until 8....traffic.

I'm going to work out when I get home

and maybe go to the beach tomorrow, if not I'll be taking pictures

anyways, back to the title of this I always order and ice coffee when I come here, but today I was feeling I little funky so I asked the short, brown haired, blue eyed barista who welcomed me back with hands in the air of what I should order. He told me I should order a latte, and all I asked was for some vanilla flavor and a lot of ice. He made it for me and with a smirk he called it a summer in america and handed it to me

guzzling it down, I remember that my body does not like diary products anymore after I had cut them out. what am I doing to my body? I haven't been healthy lately and it kills me.

now back to editing photos and listening to Listener, I'm feeling a little dizzy and the brown haired blue eyes barista just got off work and I saw him ride his bike through the large glass window. i just got up to fetch a cup of water, that tastes like oranges and watermelon because they combine it with the h20 for extra vitamins. much respect.

suddenly I feel better

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